9×9 Hard Sudoku (with 300 Puzzles)


Our 9×9 Hard Sudoku Puzzle Printable Book not only does it provide hours of high-quality mental stimulation for your children, but it helps to build skills in problem-solving, focus, and logic.

Suitable for all learning styles, this book has plenty of puzzles to choose from so that learning never gets dull.

It’s a great way to encourage your child’s development without relying on screens! Download and print now.


As parents, teachers, and educators, it can be hard to keep kids engaged with activities that are both educational and entertaining.

That is why we created a printable 9×9 Hard Sudoku Puzzle Book tailored to children ages 8-12. With this book, your child will have endless fun while learning valuable problem-solving skills!

Why Choose Our 9×9 Hard Sudoku Puzzles?

Our puzzle book contains 300 unique sudoku puzzles. This allows your child to gradually increase the difficulty as they become more comfortable with the game. They can start from easy to medium to hard levels.

The puzzles are 9×9, making them easier for younger kids to understand and complete. It comes with solutions at the end of the book so that you can check your child’s work for accuracy.

What Are Some Benefits of Playing Sudoku?

Sudoku is an excellent way for kids ages 8-12 to practice their math skills in a fun and engaging way. It teaches them to analyze patterns, think logically, and solve problems – all essential skills for success in school and beyond.

Additionally, completing these puzzles can help boost their confidence as they see themselves mastering increasingly difficult problems.

So if you’re looking for an activity that will keep your 8-12 year old entertained while helping them develop important problem-solving skills, our printable 9×9 Hard Sudoku Puzzle Book is perfect!

Download it today and watch your child learn new strategies, build confidence in their abilities, and have plenty of fun along the way!


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